The Brotherhood of Life, Slavics

01. 01. 2020

Dear reader,

You are creating the content of this message, too. You do it every moment, you are doing it right now!


The highest level of spirituality is a modest life and everyday little things. Things that may seem to be unimportant but, in fact, the opposite is true…


Simple LIFE is a new religion of the Aquarian Age, i.e. simple and balanced Being


Love is just a deeper and deeper understanding.

If we understand that the lives of other species are as worthy as ours, perhaps we can end up enormous suffering and killing of nearly 20 bn creatures that are killed for food every year…

It’s not possible to get closer to light and good if we keep creating evil. Without this change, mankind is not going to take a simple step ahead. We need to fully understand life which is everywhere – even in less evolved live beings.

The best time for the change is right NOW.




Slavicism is not based on colour of your skin, race or blood. Slavicism means simple BEING that contributes to the welfare of all living creatures.


Slavicism doesn’t spread a new religion by „sword“ or „Holy Bible“. One and the only way to spread truly is through modest life in balance with all being (existence) and deep inner knowledge (burning peace) that I’m everything, every time and everywhere.


Slavics transform Life around us in the most difficult and the only possible way at the same time – by the change of our heart (inner self).


Slavics always search for the Truth only (balance of sense and sensibility) which they protect and bring to life by their deeds.


It can be Your change which, as the last drop, changes Life as a Whole






(The Brotherhood of Life)


The Brotherhood of Life is not an organization or a structure made by people or a will of an individual.

You cannot buy the membership – the membership can only be sought in living a balanced Life, in harmony with all Being.

This genuine spiritual fellowship has always been here, it is here now and will always be.


The man is just the first one in a row – they are capable of making an active change and getting closer to Unity – God – Spirit. However, there will be other and more evolutionary species that will be able to get even closer to the reality-continuity in the infinity of whole-containing Being.

This is just a rough drawing – I´m not a founder and no-one else can be.




Now comes the right time to recall who we really are deep in our hearts and start LIVING